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How animals open our hearts to a greater Love


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In my last post I described how as a puppy raiser you will hand over the leash so that dog can continue on in becoming an assistance dog.  Most of us puppy raisers, however, will start the process all over…going back to the basics with a new 8-week old puppy.  Now, we don’t know what this new pup’s ‘personality’ is going to be like…whether raising this pup is going to be a breeze or a rude awakening (I’m exaggerating here, but sometimes it feels this way).  Just to give you an example, some pups sleep soundly during their first nights while others need to be taken out several times throughout the night (and this is accompanied by very high-pitched screeches to alert you to this fact).

So with each new CCI puppy, comes a completely different ‘personality’ with different strengths and weaknesses than the previous puppy.  Sometimes with the more “challenging” pups, you can catch yourself wishing that you could hand over the leash sooner (of course that thought lasts only but a moment).  If you missed my post “What I Learned Over the Weekend Was…” I recommend you check that one out.

Each pup has taught me something new or led me to see things in a new way (especially those more “challenging” pups).  I didn’t choose the pups that I ended up with…but each of them has contributed something special to my life.

Sometimes we don’t get to choose who ends up in our lives, but we can choose what we’re going to do about it.  We can choose to desire the best for someone even when we’re “not feeling it.”  We can choose to go past the annoyances and go for the treasure.  By not giving up on any of my pups, I was able to not only contribute something to each individual dog, but each individual dog contributed something to me.  If I could go back and choose which pup came into my life, I would personally choose each of the dogs that were chosen for me.

We have been chosen – “You did not choose me, but I chose you” (John 15:16) – and in return we can choose to love.


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