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What I Learned Over the Weekend Was…


…that animal training is way more than you may expect.

Well, I must admit I knew that statement to be true before this weekend, but I realize just exactly how true it is, each and every day.  I find myself constantly marveling over how much I learn about, but more so from, training animals (and in the case of this weekend, training dogs).

My Saturday started off by heading to puppy play.  Yes, puppy play is just what it sounds like…it’s where a small group of CCI puppies-in-program have the opportunity to run and play in a very generous puppy raiser’s yard.  After all the fun of playtime, it was time to head to CCI for puppy class!  Puppy classes consist of puppy raisers teaching their CCI pups different behaviors that will help them in their process of becoming future assistance dogs.

While there are so many things I could say about animal training, I’ll focus on one (and one that really stands out at puppy classes)!

No dog is the same (and that’s a beautiful thing).

During puppy class, the temptation may arise to compare your dog to that dog (and maybe even wish that your dog was more like that dog sitting across the room).  But guess what?!  While you’re despairing (okay, maybe just dwelling) over the “weaknesses” of your dog, you’re blinding yourself to your pup’s strengths that are right in front of your eyes (you just have to swap out your “weakness goggles” for your “strengths goggles”).

You’d be surprised, what you thought were “weaknesses” may actually be strengths waiting to be discovered.  It’s up to you to find them and bring them out (not just in your pets, but in your coworkers, students, family members, and anyone you come in contact with).  So keep your “strengths goggles” on and be sure to recognize those little successes that may be overlooked by some.  Believe me, you will uncover some pretty amazing stuff!

Oh, and if that doesn’t sound like enough “dog-time” for one weekend, I also went to a Tea Party with a bunch of dogs.  And no, it’s not what you’re thinking…the dogs just got to play while the humans had crumpets and tea.


3 thoughts on “What I Learned Over the Weekend Was…

  1. This is true with people too! Levi is so pretty… I love her.

    • You are definitely on Livi’s list of favorite people!! And the photo is actually of Meryl (I know, it should be Livi…but Meryl just looked so nice)! Although, I think now you’re getting up there on Meryl’s list of favorite people too 🙂

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